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From Child Support to Wills: Our Legal Services

At the Carpenter Law Office P.C., we understand that your family is your top priority. We’re here for you — to provide experienced legal representation when you need it most. Whether you need help crafting a separation agreement or require counsel for a divorce, we can help. In addition to family and divorce law, we offer excellent legal services in real estate, wills, and more.


Family law, especially divorce, requires care and experience. When you decide to file an Action for Divorce, or need to respond to one, don’t go at it alone or with subpar representation. Our team will be at your side during this stressful period. We’re here to assist you with the legal process and nuances of a divorce settlement and answer all of your questions. Contact us today for a free consultation.


The Carpenter Law Office P.C. offers trusted experience in negotiating and litigating child custody agreements and orders. We work tirelessly to help families through custody issues so children have safe and healthy relationships with both parents.

Child Support

We offer a wealth of experience regarding child support issues, which include, medical costs, education, daycare, and other items. The Carpenter Law Office P.C. can help secure Family Court or Supreme Court child support orders or negotiate agreements that adhere to New York State law. In addition, we can assist in paternity issues and modification petitions.

Separation Agreements

A separation agreement allows you and your spouse to distribute property, assets and debts, as well as determine arrangements for child custody and support. It may serve as the basis for a divorce. Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in negotiating and drafting the agreement. Call us at 315-453-4282 or email us for a consultation.

Name Changes

The Carpenter Law Office P.C. is here to lead you through the necessary steps to legally change your name.

Real Estate

Choose the Carpenter Law Office P.C. for assistance in residential real estate, whether you need to close your personal home, vacation spot, or rental property. We’re experienced in all aspects of real estate closings for buyers and sellers

Wills & Elder Law

Our team strives to provide skilled, compassionate services in wills and elder law. Contact us to help draft a will, a living will with a healthcare proxy, or a power of attorney.


When you’re charged with a DWI, you need an experienced attorney to assist you in your defense. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Traffic Tickets

If you recently received a traffic ticket in New York State, call the Carpenter Law Office P.C today. Our team handles a wide range of traffic violations and misdemeanor charges.

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